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PROBLEM LINK : Practice , Contest PREREQUISITES : dfs , Segment trees , dp PROBLEM : Given a tree with edges directed towards root and nodes having some ticket information which allows you to travel k units towards the root with cost w .

Answer Q queries i.e output the minimum cost for travelling from a node x to root .

As soon as you select something, it is enabled and you can add nodes to the tree with abandon.

If you want to see the button disabled again, you can unselect everything by holding the Control key and clicking on the current selection.

The only hitch here is that if the current node is the root node, it won’t have a parent.

To determine where the node should be added, the current selection is first obtained, in the anonymous inner The new node should be added to the parent node of the current node, so it ends up being a sibling of the current node. Tree Path; /** * Objects of this class form an adapter between a JTree and the model, that * being a tree of Node objects.j Tree uses PSTricks to en­able lin­guists to type­set com­plex trees.This means you can do things like update the data model and trust that the visual component will be updated properly.Mutable Tree Node root = new Default Mutable Tree Node("Root node"); Mutable Tree Node group = new Default Mutable Tree Node("Group"); root.insert(group, 0); root.insert(new Default Mutable Tree Node("Node 1"), 1); group.insert(new Default Mutable Tree Node("Node 2"), 0); group.insert(new Default Mutable Tree Node("Node 3"), 1); automatically shows nodes with no children as a sheet of paper, while nodes that contain other nodes are shown as folders.

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